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Personal Responsibility

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Imaginary Grenade Thrown At Imaginary Evil Box Results In Second Grader Suspension

Seven year old Alex Watkins slowly crept around the jungle gym carefully looking for sentries protecting the evil box.  Seeing that the enemy’s guard was down, Alex leapt to his feet and hurled the grenade at the box destroying it and in one smooth step, saving the world.  That is what happened in the mind of…
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Gun Hysteria – 5 Year Old Branded A Terrorist For Bubble Gun Threat

  First we strip-searched grandma at the airport after 9/11 and now we are branding bubble packing 5-year olds as terrorists.  Overreacting to events is one of the unfortunate hallmarks of American society, and we are clearly seeing this attribute play out in the aftermath of the horrible Sand Hook tragedy.  One of the ways…
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Obama Inaugural – Ask Not What You Can Do For Your Country

Tomorrow’s official inauguration of President Obama for his second term will be followed Monday by a $100,000,000 publicly funded party for a President elected by vilifying wealth.  Highlighting the public portion of the festivities will be the President’s inaugural address.  In contrast to past great inaugural addresses calling for national unity and selfless sacrifice, Obama’s…
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Gun Control Advocates – What Do You Do About 270,000,000 Guns Already On American Streets?

Reading through the various arguments circulating through the blogosphere I find it really difficult to discern the core arguments of either “side”  of the gun control debate.  As far as I can tell, the anti-gun forces believe that a total ban of all guns combined with the recall and destruction of existing privately held guns…
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Some Things Just Can’t Be Fixed

  Reeling from the pure evil and horror wrought by a single 20 year-old boy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, America is searching for answers, meaning and ways to prevent this horror from being repeated.  As we predicted the day of the incident (Thinking Right), Obama and the anti-gun forces are attempting…
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At Least 27 Dead In Tragic School Shooting – Depersonalizing and Desensitizing America

Photo Courtesy of  Shannon Hicks/The Newtown Bee   The developing tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut in which two gunmen killed at least 26, mostly children, at Sandy Hook Elementary School highlights the number one problem in today’s American society.  We are becoming a country which is depersonalizing and desensitizing its population.  I would ask that all of you…
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Fiscal Cliff Purely Political Play For Democrats

  With all of the hype and bluster about the wealthy paying “their fair share” coming out the Democrats you would think that tax hikes were the be all and end all of future economic success.  If ALL of President Obama’s proposed tax hikes were implemented they would amount to about .5% of the total…
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I Am Right About Politics And You Are Wrong

  Living in a time of clear division in which a President faces choices that will mold our country in a permanent and lasting way.  Abraham Lincoln reunited the country with force when he faced the United States greatest crisis since independence.  Today President Obama faces a country that is equally divided and equally fragile….
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Big Bird Is On Obama’s Target List Of Super Rich

  The center piece of Obama’s campaign and the current negotiations to avoid the “fiscal cliff” has been the President’s declaration of war against those making more than $250,000 per year.  President Obama has consistently demanded that those “super rich” making more than $250,000 were not pulling their own weight  and new taxes are needed…
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Is The GOP Dead?

  An economy in shambles, a campaign in which the incumbent completely avoided discussing his own record, unemployment above levels above which an incumbent had EVER (that means ever in history) won an election, the rapid fall off of the positives of the  incumbent candidate and six huge scandals pending DURING and election – with…
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How Does A Kinder, Gentler Nation Discourage Home Ownership And Philanthropy

    Facing the self-described fiscal cliff, the amount of rhetoric pouring out of Washington unfiltered by the media conducting their own war of thoughts and ideas has completely obscured two disturbing concepts that sadly say a lot about the state of America.  Whichever plan is adopted, we are likely looking at the end of…
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How Did The Media Of Woodward And Bernstein Disintegrate So Fast?

Reading the comments to many of these stories one theme is loud and consistent – Democrats believe what is printed in liberal publications or TV broadcasts (which is most of them) and Republicans read and watch the few conservative media sources. The one exception to the virtual liberal media stranglehold is radio which is predominately…
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