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Simple Solution To Ending Government Corruption – Terminate Pay

You would be hard pressed to find anyone that thinks that there is NO corruption in Washington and unfortunately it has become so enmeshed in our culture that most people just shrug their shoulders and say “what can you do?”  Both parties are equally culpable here and neither party really wants to take any action…
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Obama Trying To Duplicate Failure Of Democratic Dominated California

  Facing up to  $335,000,000,000 in debt, California is just “living the dream” – the Democratic dream.  (California’s Debt)  California is controlled by Democrats at every level of government with a Democratic Governor, Democratic State Senate, Democratic State Legislatures and a judiciary dominated by liberals California has been the perfect laboratory for the great “Democratic”…
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No On Prop 30, A Complete Abdication Of Government Responsibility

  Proposition 30 is on the California ballot as the result of the Democrat controlled legislature’s failure to do its job and a Democratic Governor giving that legislature a free pass.  Reduced to its essence, Prop 30 will burden California taxpayers with an additional $6,600,000,000 in new taxes.  California is in a financial crisis of epic…
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Prop 32 Most Important Ballot Initiative In California – EVER

Apparently simple on its face, Proposition 32 does three simple things: 1)  bans direct corporate and union contributions to state and local candidates; 2)  bans contributions by government contractors to the politicians who control contracts awarded to them; and 3)  bans automatic deductions by corporations, unions, and government of employees’ wages to be used for…
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Frank Ury’s Lack of Candor With GOP Central Committee Leads to Reversal of Endorsement

Reprinted With Permission Of OCPolitical (OcPolitical) [The comments to that post include a response from Mayor Ury] By Greg Woodard I currently am the only member on the Central Committee from Mission Viejo. We have four conservatives running for two spots. Consequently, I’m recommending we vote no endorsement for any candidate, and let the Mission…
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Chicago Teachers Strike Highlights Need To Disband Public Unions

Photo By Dennis Rodkin, Exclusive to Thinking Right   Polling efforts throughout California show that for the first time in history the public doubts the veracity of teacher claims that education is underfunded.  (August 2012 polls)  “Californians are willing to spend money in order to protect their schools from spending cuts. But they also believe…
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Rattay Contract Shows Corruption, In Fighting In Mission Viejo

Hostilities between the staff for the City of Mission Viejo and the residents of the City of Mission Viejo were ratcheted up a notch this weekend when the proposed contract for Assistant City Manager Keith Rattay was released as part of the agenda package for tonight’s City Council meeting.  I was willing to give Mr….
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Inmates Running Aylum In Mission Viejo

You would think that an employment contract for an Assistant City Manager’s position would be a simple thing to adopt.  Last night’s hearing on the proposed contract of Assistant City Manager Keith Rattay clearly demonstrated the stranglehold of authority that occurs when you have a VERY weak City Attorney and an overbearing and (to himself)…
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Mission Viejo’s Keith Rattay May Get Golden Parachute From Taxpayers Tonight

Tonight the Mission Viejo City Council will consider a new employment contract for Assistant City Manager Keith Rattay that would be the envy of most private sector workers.  According to the terms of the proposed contract (http://dms.cityofmissionviejo.org/sirepub/mtgviewer.aspx?meetid=1755&doctype=AGENDA), Mr. Rattay will get NINE MONTHS pay for doing NOTHING regardless of whether he quits or the City…
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Court Victory Requires Disclosure Of Public Pension Data

  In a huge win for the public, a California Appellate Court ruled this week that all public pension data regarding the amount received by each former public employee is public information and must be given to the press.  This particular case dealt with attempts by the Sacramento Bee to obtain pension information for Sacramento…
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Beleaguered Tax Payers Foot Public Union Bills

.   The newest lawsuit brought by the “beleaguered” employees of Costa Mesa is just another in a long train of selfish lawsuits brought by public unions in a continuing effort to protect their fiefdoms.  The City Council of the City of Costa Mesa is attempting to do the unthinkable – SAVE ITS CONTITUENTS’ MONEY –…
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Wisconsin Democrats Throw Tantrum

  Having five teenage kids myself I know exactly what it looks like when a scolded child throws a tantrum when they don’t get away with trying to pull a fast one.  For the past three weeks, ELECTED Wisconsin Democrat Senators fled the state hiding out in hotels eating room service rather than allow the…
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