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Obama’s Socialism

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How Does A Kinder, Gentler Nation Discourage Home Ownership And Philanthropy

    Facing the self-described fiscal cliff, the amount of rhetoric pouring out of Washington unfiltered by the media conducting their own war of thoughts and ideas has completely obscured two disturbing concepts that sadly say a lot about the state of America.  Whichever plan is adopted, we are likely looking at the end of…
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When Will Obama’s Pre-Election Scandals Go “Jenga?”

  I will hand it to President Obama, he is a master of political manipulation and timing aided by a complicit media.  Juggling six major ongoing scandals during the campaign (depending on who you listen to, the Obama Administration has had over 300 scandals), Obama’s campaign proved remarkably adept at delaying, deflecting and deferring scandal until…
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Pay No Taxes, Get No Vote

  No one who does not pay federal taxes should have the right to vote – period.  We have finally reached the tipping point in America where those that have no financial stake in our government outnumber those that do.  More than 200 years ago both the Founding Fathers and philosophers predicted the day when…
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Why Is It OK To Pick On Wage Earners?

  Looming ahead of President Obama in the next 50 days is mandatory 11% across the board cuts for most federal government departments including devastating cuts to the Department of Defense.  As part of a deal cut before the election, these cuts will automatically take place unless reversed by new legislation.  The center of this…
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Will Obama Destroy The Country Or Move To The Middle?

  America stands at a cross-roads and the next four years could be a period of complete economic stagnation coupled with continually exploding national debt edging the United States to a Greece-like fate with an ever diminishing position of power in the world, or it could be a period of recovery, healing and restoration of…
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A Simple Allegory About Taxes Using Beer

  Maybe people will understand Obama’s proposed tax system better if I use beer instead of taxes. Suppose that every day, ten men go out for beer and the bill for all ten comes to $100 and if they paid their bill the way we pay our taxes, it would go something like this: The…
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Are We Living Orwell’s 1984?

  George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four was one of those books that I read at just at the right point in my life to have a real long-term impact on my philosophy.  When I read it 35 years ago. I reasonably drew parallels to events going on at that time in the communist world.  Never in my…
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The Moral Case For Free Enterprise Explained With Pie

From our good friends at “Chicks On The Right” This video made me smile. Mainly because I love the notion of a free market America. But I also like pie.   Check out this piece and the rest of their great stuff at http://chicksontheright.com/categories/the-makeover-and-or-miscellaneous/item/23170-the-moral-case-for-free-enterprise-explained-with-pie#pagejump

Tomorrow’s Obama/Romney Debates Could Determine Presidency

Tomorrow night could mean everything to this Presidential election, or it could mean nothing at all.  Polls around the country have this race in an absolute deadlock (those polls not using the faulty modeling from 2008) and so tonight could mean everything.  Jimmy Carter was leading Reagan going into the debates and was swept out…
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Thinking Right Has Great First Month

I am going to indulge myself with this first self-congratulatory post and then forever more leave them to an annual reports just after the first of each year.  When I set out with this grand endeavor I set a goal of hitting 10,000 unique hits for the blog in the first month and 30,000 views…
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What Is The Proper Role of Government?

This will be the first edition of point/counterpoint where one side of the political spectrum will debate with someone from the other side.  In this first edition, Geoff Willis presents the “Point”  while Deborah Rosenthal presents the “Counterpoint.” POINT – The Constitution Protects The Power Of The People FROM the Government, It Does Not Create…
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Romney’s Positions Clear And Detailed – Where Is ANY Detail From Obama?

  Sparking the idea to write this story was an animated discussion I had with commenter Gil Moran on the story about Obama’s acceptance speech (acceptance speech story) in which I was challenged to show ANY detail on Romney’s position.  Now I find this ironic because every time I ask a question about Obama it seems…
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