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Obama Murdergate

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Obama Confirms Bush Responsible For Super Bowl Power Shortage

During the midst of the partial power outage at the New Orleans Super Dome, President Obama issued a statement indicating that he had photographic evidence that Former President Bush was responsible.  ”We have an eyewitness that will testify that she saw President Bush lurking in the shadows near the power box that caused the lights…
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Gun Hysteria – 5 Year Old Branded A Terrorist For Bubble Gun Threat

  First we strip-searched grandma at the airport after 9/11 and now we are branding bubble packing 5-year olds as terrorists.  Overreacting to events is one of the unfortunate hallmarks of American society, and we are clearly seeing this attribute play out in the aftermath of the horrible Sand Hook tragedy.  One of the ways…
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Top 10 Thinking Right Stories For 2012

   Operating only since September 1, 2012, Thinking Right generated 176,134 hits during its first four months of existence.  34 different stories generated at least 1,000 hits and the number and quality of comments was generally pretty good.  All in all I am very happy with the start.  First up is the top ten list…
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Will Obama Join The 100% Of Presidents With A Second Term Scandal In Last 50 Years?

  CNN just ran a very interesting piece detailing that every President since 1968 has suffered a major scandal in his second term. CNN then indicates that the scandals always took place in the first term but came to a head during the second term of their Presidency. Given all of the scandals currently facing…
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President Joe Biden? Think Benghazi And Fast & Furious

  I will never forget a comprehensive poll taken just before the 1972 Presidential election in which less than 1% of Americans knew what Watergate was.  One of the biggest political scandals in United States history that occurred months before the election had nary a ripple on the electorate at the time but eventually led…
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Obama Murdergate Scandal Grows

  “I’m going to hold my breath until this goes away!” June has been a bad month for one-term President Obama and it is getting worse by the day.  Today, a congressional committee voted overwhelmingly (23-17) to issue a contempt citation to United States Attorney General Eric Holder for his failure to cooperate with a…
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Obama Murdergate Coverup Highly Retaliatory

Much like the Nixon Administrations attempted cover up of the plumbers and other parts of Watergate, the Obama Administration has been in full force retaliation mode to squelch any discussion of the “Fast and Furious” gun running scandal known as “Obama’s Murdergate.”  Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder has made it clear that he does not…
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Holder Lied To Congress About Obama’s Murdergate

Earlier this year United States Attorney General Eric Holder testified that the first time that he had heard about the gun running Operation Fast and Furious, the cause of President Obama’s Murdergate scandal, was “just a few weeks” before his testimony.  Documents released on Monday show that statement t be an outright lie.  Mr. Holder…
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Obama Murdegate Funded By Obama Stimulus Package

Funding of $10,000,000 for “Project Gunrunner” was approved as part of the Obama Administration’s “stimulus package” approved shortly after Mr. Obama took office. http://www.readthestimulus.org/ For an additional amount for ‘‘State and Local Law Enforcement Assistance’’, $40,000,000, for competitive grants to provide assistance and equipment to local law enforcement along the Southern border and in High-Intensity…
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Brother Of Mexican State Attorney General Latest Victim of Obama Murdergate

CBS News has confirmed that ATF Fast and Furious “walked” guns have been linked to the terrorist torture and murder of the brother of a Mexican state attorney general last fall.   Two AK-47 variant rifles were found at the scene of a shoot-out with the murder suspects.  Sources say the weapons were part of the…
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Obama Murdergate Scandal Set to Break

In two programs code named “Project Gunrunner” and “Operation Fast and Furious” President Obama’s Justice Department through the Bereau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (the “ATF”) approved the sale to Mexican drug cartels of more than 1,800 AK-47s and 50 caliber sniper rifles.  The ostensible plan was to follow the weapons across the Mexican border…
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