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Top 10 Thinking Right Stories For 2012

   Operating only since September 1, 2012, Thinking Right generated 176,134 hits during its first four months of existence.  34 different stories generated at least 1,000 hits and the number and quality of comments was generally pretty good.  All in all I am very happy with the start.  First up is the top ten list…
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Why Do We Tolerate The Racism Of The Washington Post?

  Demonstrating the worst of all tactics of censorship and intimidation, the Washington Post issued a racist attack on 97 House Republicans whose sole crime was to deign to express concern over the potential nomination of current United Nations Ambassador Susan Rice as Secretary of State.  (Washington Post Editorial)  Admittedly without a shred of evidence…
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Will Obama Join The 100% Of Presidents With A Second Term Scandal In Last 50 Years?

  CNN just ran a very interesting piece detailing that every President since 1968 has suffered a major scandal in his second term. CNN then indicates that the scandals always took place in the first term but came to a head during the second term of their Presidency. Given all of the scandals currently facing…
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When Will Obama’s Pre-Election Scandals Go “Jenga?”

  I will hand it to President Obama, he is a master of political manipulation and timing aided by a complicit media.  Juggling six major ongoing scandals during the campaign (depending on who you listen to, the Obama Administration has had over 300 scandals), Obama’s campaign proved remarkably adept at delaying, deflecting and deferring scandal until…
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Why Is America So Divided?

  Spending the weekend with an intelligent crowd from San Francisco I was struck with just how different even the informed can think about the same things with the same access to the same information. Obviously not shy to express my own opinion, I gladly shared with the crowd my election prediction of a 327-211…
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Unexpected Impact Of Libyan Scandal – Where’s Obama?

  After four years of pampering media support, the floundering Obama campaign seems stunned into inactivity in light of the stunning revelations about White House orders to SEALs to “stand down” DURING the 7 hour battle in Libya on September 11 of this year.  (Cowardly orders to “stand down”)  The soon to be former President…
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Avoidable Tragedy – Requests For Help DURING Seven Hour Libyan Battle Refused By Obama Administration

  As the first shots rang out at the American Consulate in Benghazi at about 9:40 p.m. on September 11, former Navy SEALs immediately contacted their superiors informing them of the attack and requesting military assistance.  Not only were the SEALs told that there would be no additional military assistance, those SEALs were told to…
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Are We Living Orwell’s 1984?

  George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four was one of those books that I read at just at the right point in my life to have a real long-term impact on my philosophy.  When I read it 35 years ago. I reasonably drew parallels to events going on at that time in the communist world.  Never in my…
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What’s in Store for the Third Presidential Debate?

  The third and final presidential debate on Monday night will focus on foreign policy. What sorts of questions and issues can we expect to hear about? There are a few things that I expect will be brought up by the moderator and by each candidate. To begin with, Obama will have to defend his…
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Obama’s Choreographed Libyan Lies To America – His “Truth” Destroyed

  Tonight I watched probably one of the best pieces of journalism that I have ever seen.  Bret Baier put together a second-by-second, step-by-step timeline of the real events in Benghazi and when the Obama Administration knew about those facts.  Not shockingly to those following Thinking Right, the President has not just played fast and…
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Libyan Lies Detailed In Great Video Timeline

  I have written this at length, but this video communicates the same information in an even more entertaining way.  This is Carl Rove’s work:   The next debate which is going to be solely about foreign policy is going to be very interesting.

Debate Win Doesn’t Matter, Obama Will Pay Price For Lies on Libya

  Democratic pundits are giddy tonight about the reappearance of a feisty and quick (I would argue rude and petulent) Obama at the second debate held tonight at Hoffstra University.   I wouldn’t even argue with anyone that would call the evening a slight Obama win.  However, Obama’s answers may have won the hour but…
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