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Governor Romney

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My Turn To Eat Crow

  I was wrong.  No excuses, no whining – I was simply wrong.  It was not Romney early and often.  President Obama and the Democrats won a tough fought victory holding onto the Presidency and increasing their advantage in the Senate from a 53-47 starting point.  I had been preaching for weeks that the key…
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Romney To Unplanned Crowd of Thousands In Pittsburgh “That’s When You Know You Are Going To Win”

  PITTSBURGH – Governor Romney’s campaign always makes the candidate’s arrivals in various cities known to the local media, and in turn the public, but never before has a crowd of this size shown up to greet him.  Upon landing here in Pittsburgh, Romney’s aides appeared shock as they crowded around the windows to check out the…
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United Nations Troops, Repeat Voters & Adolf Hitler

  No matter how much we all might disagree about the issues and the candidates, I hope the one thing that we all agree on is that the meaning of our votes are not diluted or diminished by voter fraud, election fraud or voter intimidation.  Unfortunately, there have already been multiple incidents of electronic voting…
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Pardon Me, I’m Confused – Reflections On Election Eve

  Nearing the final hours of this campaign I honestly keep asking myself a single question – what am I missing?  An economy in shambles.  The forced adoption of a health care plan that the vast majority of the country opposes.  A failed foreign policy that has greatly diminished the standing of the United States. …
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Obama Lies (Part 1) – Some Jeep Manufacturing IS Moving To China

  It is so frustrating to watch Obama stand before a crowd and call Governor Romney a liar at the top of his lungs.  I just want to stand up and yell “LIAR!” back at my television.  Knowing that if I did that my children would stop wondering if I was a little crazy and…
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Close, Schmose – Romney Wins Early In Landslide

  Never one to avoid putting myself out there, I decided to break from normal journalistic fear and actually make myself accountable for my projections for next Tuesday.  I have gone through all of the polls with a fine tooth comb and this is how I think things are going to play out next week….
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John And Ken’s 2012 California Voter’s Guide

From KFI AM 640 Election Headquarters – http://www.kfiam640.com/pages/Election.html?feed=452967&article=10448674   U.S. Presidential Race: MITT ROMNEY/PAUL RYAN ——————————————————— U.S. Senate Race: ELIZABETH EMKEN ——————————————————— L.A. County District Attorney: DECISION PENDING Alan Jackson- Gang Homicide Prosecuter Jackie Lacey- Chief Deputy D.A.   ——————————————————— Proposition 30: VOTE NO Increases personal income tax on annual earnings over $250,000 for seven…
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Sandy Could Materially Impact Election

  The worst nightmare of any presidential candidate is the unanticipated eleventh hour event that could materially impact the election.  Hurricane Sandy may be just such an event in 2012.  Superficially it has already altered the strategies of both campaigns and its full consequence may not be known until after the election.   First, both…
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Obama Gangnam Style

  Featuring style and look over substance, PSY’s “Gangnam Style” will probably be the first music video to reach 1 BILLION views. Pause and think about that for a moment. A video produced in South Korea featuring Korean lyrics is going to have views equal to roughly 15% of the worlds population and a much…
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Unexpected Impact Of Libyan Scandal – Where’s Obama?

  After four years of pampering media support, the floundering Obama campaign seems stunned into inactivity in light of the stunning revelations about White House orders to SEALs to “stand down” DURING the 7 hour battle in Libya on September 11 of this year.  (Cowardly orders to “stand down”)  The soon to be former President…
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Ready To Rumble With Round 3

I am really interested in seeing how Obama dances around tough questions tonight.

What’s in Store for the Third Presidential Debate?

  The third and final presidential debate on Monday night will focus on foreign policy. What sorts of questions and issues can we expect to hear about? There are a few things that I expect will be brought up by the moderator and by each candidate. To begin with, Obama will have to defend his…
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