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2013 January

Monthly Archives: January 2013

Some Of The Dumbest Liberal Moments Of Past Two Decades

Just a quick hitter today.  My favorite moment comes about half-way through the piece when the congressman is worried that additional troops added to Guam may cause the entire island to “tip over.”  Seriously . . .  

Vietnam, Mali and the Al Qaeda Hydra

  What do Vietnam and Mali have in common? Well, both are former French colonies. Both experienced (and still are experiencing in Mali) armed uprisings by a significant portion of the population; both have had external forces arrive to help those doing the uprising; the French government made a decision to act militarily in support…
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Unbelievably Intelligent Immigration Reform

  Scanning through the immigration reform proposal released by a bi-partisan group of Senators I was shocked by what I read because it actually made sense.  An intelligent combination of border security measures, accountability for past violations of law combined with a clear path to citizenship the proposed plan is the first intelligent proposal I…
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I Want My Country Back!!

  A little more than a year ago a good friend of mine from the left wrote a very interesting piece about seeing a sign in a neighbor’s yard which proclaimed “I want my country back.”  Seeing this sign, my friend wrote, drove her to tears because she felt that “it was her country too.”  To…
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Journalism As Profession Dies With Contrasting Coverage Of Bush, Obama Inaugurations

  Profusely thanking MSNBC for their “help” during President Obama’s first term in office, senior Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett’s remarks killed a little part of me.  A news agency should not be “thanked” for helping the partisan antics of either party, its sole job is to report the news.  Reporting the news is a job at…
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Gun Hysteria – 5 Year Old Branded A Terrorist For Bubble Gun Threat

  First we strip-searched grandma at the airport after 9/11 and now we are branding bubble packing 5-year olds as terrorists.  Overreacting to events is one of the unfortunate hallmarks of American society, and we are clearly seeing this attribute play out in the aftermath of the horrible Sand Hook tragedy.  One of the ways…
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Obama Inaugural – Ask Not What You Can Do For Your Country

Tomorrow’s official inauguration of President Obama for his second term will be followed Monday by a $100,000,000 publicly funded party for a President elected by vilifying wealth.  Highlighting the public portion of the festivities will be the President’s inaugural address.  In contrast to past great inaugural addresses calling for national unity and selfless sacrifice, Obama’s…
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Obama’s Socialism Doesn’t Work In The Classroom Either

  An economics professor at a local college made a statement that he had never failed a single student before b…ut had recently failed an entire class. That class had insisted that Obama’s socialism worked and that no one would be poor and no one would be rich, a great equalizer. The professor then said,…
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Gun Control Advocates – What Do You Do About 270,000,000 Guns Already On American Streets?

Reading through the various arguments circulating through the blogosphere I find it really difficult to discern the core arguments of either “side”  of the gun control debate.  As far as I can tell, the anti-gun forces believe that a total ban of all guns combined with the recall and destruction of existing privately held guns…
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Lance Armstrong Relinquishes 2005 Tour De France Title To Joseph Kettler

  Following his not to startling revelations on Oprah Winfrey yesterday, cycling’s governing body, which had already stripped Armstrong of his 1999-2005 Tour De France titles, began to name winners for each of the vacated titles.  The task proved far more difficult than Tour organizers had anticipated.  “We called cyclist after cyclist to let them…
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Hypocrisy Of Gun Publishing Journalists Documented On Film

  Hypocrisy was on public display as Project Veritas filmed an imaginary protest group calling themselves “Citizens Against Senseless Violence” asked each of the journalists involved in the controversial publication by the Journal news (a division of Gannett Publishing) of an interactive map showing the address of every LEGALLY owned gun in several counties surrounding…
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Another African State Falls to Islamist Extremists

Photo courtesy of Times of London   Mali is a landlocked country (a former French colony) on the west coast of Africa; it’s primary claim to fame is that it is the location of the fabled city of Timbuktu. It also has a lot of gold. It shares a border with Algeria, Côte d’Ivoire and…
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