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2012 September

Monthly Archives: September 2012

Changing Their Tune about Libya.

  At 9:00pm on a Friday night (probably the lowest point in the news cycle), the intelligence community issued an official revision of its initial assessment of the September 11 attacks on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Anybody paying even the slightest attention to the date and nature of the attack probably reached that…
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Prop 32 Most Important Ballot Initiative In California – EVER

Apparently simple on its face, Proposition 32 does three simple things: 1)  bans direct corporate and union contributions to state and local candidates; 2)  bans contributions by government contractors to the politicians who control contracts awarded to them; and 3)  bans automatic deductions by corporations, unions, and government of employees’ wages to be used for…
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Howard Stern’s Funny But Tragic Interviews With Obama Supporters

{EAV:2eb10abc181e68e9} Four years ago Howard Stern sent one of his staffers into Harlem to ask Obama supporters what they thought about his campaign promises, only thing is that they intentionally swapped Obama’s and McCain’s policies.  Sadly, all of the Obama supporters sad that they fully supported McCain’s policies and choices (pro-life, Sarah Palin) when they…
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Television DVRs Will Change Politics Forever

Imagine if you threw a two billion dollar party and nobody came.  I think, but don’t really fear, that will happen in the near future in American politics.  Today a candidate’s potential success is almost always gauged in terms of his ability to raise campaign contributions.  Failure to raise adequate funds can doom even the…
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Profanity Strewn Email From Obama Aide – Quick Backpeddling on Lies About Libyan Attack (This Post Rated Mature)

It’s not everyday that rudeness and incivility are put so clearly in writing by the Obama Administration for the whole world to see, but today was one of those days.  Philippe Reines, Hillary Clinton’s  longtime aide and personal spokesman, was emailing Michael  Hastings of the BuzzFeed Politics Blog regarding Reines’ attack on CNN for releasing portions…
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Obama Calls Israelli Fear Of Iran Nukes “Noise,” Downgrades U.S./Israel Relationship

Just a week after refusing to meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and instead appearing on the David Letterman Show, President Obama dismissively described Israeli concerns over potential Iranian nuclear weapons as “noise.”  In addition, the President downgraded Israel from the “closest” ally of America in the Middle East to “one of America’s closest…
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What is the Biggest Problem Facing America Today?

Image Courtesy of The American   Ask three people this question and you will undoubtedly get at least 3 different answers. One answer might be Iran developing a nuclear bomb; another might be Islamic Terrorists; and a third might be the growing tensions in the Middle-east. I think the biggest problem facing American today is…
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Univision Takes It To Obama In Excellent Interview – Growing Disappointment With The President

Image Courtesy of “Say It Ain’t So Already”   Promising the stars and delivering increased unemployment, impacted trade relations and declining world perception of American strength, President Obama has an ever-increasing crowd of disenchanted former supporters.  While much of this is masked by a fawning network media, at the grassroots level it is becoming ever…
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What Is The Proper Role of Government?

This will be the first edition of point/counterpoint where one side of the political spectrum will debate with someone from the other side.  In this first edition, Geoff Willis presents the “Point”  while Deborah Rosenthal presents the “Counterpoint.” POINT – The Constitution Protects The Power Of The People FROM the Government, It Does Not Create…
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Corruption and Stupidity in City Government

Photo courtesy of OCF Realty Our fearless blog leader, Geoff Willis has posted here regarding corruption and incompetence in city government in Orange County, California. But, I think Philadelphia wins this round. Just last week, we made international news because a real estate developer cleaned up a vacant lot behind one of the properties he…
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Romney’s Positions Clear And Detailed – Where Is ANY Detail From Obama?

  Sparking the idea to write this story was an animated discussion I had with commenter Gil Moran on the story about Obama’s acceptance speech (acceptance speech story) in which I was challenged to show ANY detail on Romney’s position.  Now I find this ironic because every time I ask a question about Obama it seems…
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Meanwhile, back in Russia…

Photo courtesy of Alexander Zemlianichenko/AP   Although the ongoing explosion of the Middle East is the primary foreign news topic these days, things are still going on in the rest of the world. One of those things is the continuing obstruction by the president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, of any sort of democracy-building in Russia….
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