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2011 October

Monthly Archives: October 2011

“Green” Energy Not So Green

Emitting virtually zero direct emissions and producing enough energy to power a large city with a small plant, this clean energy source was thought to be revolutionary and was quickly implemented globally to replace older “dirty” forms of power.  Is this wind?  Solar?  Fuel cells?  Electric cars?  No, this was hydroelectric power that was hailed…
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Occupy Forces Coin New Slogan

Nagging at the back of my mind for the past two months were similarities between the rhetoric and slogans coming out of the “Occupy” camps and events from the not too distant past.  Then it hit me, if you reduced the thinking of the “Occupy” “movement” to its essence, its rallying cry would be “From…
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What IS My Fair Share?

If it has done nothing else, the “Occupy” movement has raised an interesting question – what IS my fair share?  With many in the 1% paying more than half of their earnings to income taxes (and then paying all of the other taxes and fees imposed elsewhere), the claims of the Occupy movement that the…
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Capitalism, Greed and Corruption Plague Occupy Movement

Paid protesters, huge “grants,” battles over how to disburse collected funds and court actions over intellectual property have plagued the occupy movement in the past few days.  The use of paid protesters to create the image of a large grass roots movements was thoroughly documented here in the Juice http://www.orangejuiceblog.com/2011/10/occupy-wall-street-protestors-hired-through-craigslist/ .  Since that time, the…
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Rattay Contract Shows Corruption, In Fighting In Mission Viejo

Hostilities between the staff for the City of Mission Viejo and the residents of the City of Mission Viejo were ratcheted up a notch this weekend when the proposed contract for Assistant City Manager Keith Rattay was released as part of the agenda package for tonight’s City Council meeting.  I was willing to give Mr….
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Occupy Wall Street – 24 Supporters Have $34,920,500,000 Net Worth

Describing itself as a “movement for the 99%,” the rag tag group that has drawn continued national attention has supporters in pretty high places.  Just 24 folks who have directly participated or spoken out in direct support of the “movement” have a net worth of more than THIRTY FOUR BILLION DOLLARS ($34,920,500 to be exact). …
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Occupy Wall Street “Protestors” Hired Through Craig’s List

A Craigslist ad post by the New York’s extreme liberal Working Families Party is apparently looking to hire people for $350 to $650 a week to “fight to hold Wall Street accountable.”  The “immediate hires” must be “outgoing, articulate, dedicated, determined,” and “energetic communicators,” the ad says. But “this is not a policy job! Through…
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3,124,000 Evil People Ruining America

According to the folks at “Occupy [fill in city near you],” it is 1% of the American people that are evil and ruining the country – that amounts to 3,124,000 evil people running around causing havoc.  Today in New York, the “Occupy” folks are going right to the folks they view as the “source of…
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Greedy Brea City Council Either Lying Or Incompetent

Claiming that it was an “accident,” the Brea City council has voted itself a $33,000 annual increase in compensation.  At a time when everyone is having to try and make ends meet, the Brea City Council decided to dramatically increase the benefits of its “executives” and then feigned shock when told that the benefit increase…
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Holder Lied To Congress About Obama’s Murdergate

Earlier this year United States Attorney General Eric Holder testified that the first time that he had heard about the gun running Operation Fast and Furious, the cause of President Obama’s Murdergate scandal, was “just a few weeks” before his testimony.  Documents released on Monday show that statement t be an outright lie.  Mr. Holder…
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Inmates Running Aylum In Mission Viejo

You would think that an employment contract for an Assistant City Manager’s position would be a simple thing to adopt.  Last night’s hearing on the proposed contract of Assistant City Manager Keith Rattay clearly demonstrated the stranglehold of authority that occurs when you have a VERY weak City Attorney and an overbearing and (to himself)…
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Mission Viejo’s Keith Rattay May Get Golden Parachute From Taxpayers Tonight

Tonight the Mission Viejo City Council will consider a new employment contract for Assistant City Manager Keith Rattay that would be the envy of most private sector workers.  According to the terms of the proposed contract (http://dms.cityofmissionviejo.org/sirepub/mtgviewer.aspx?meetid=1755&doctype=AGENDA), Mr. Rattay will get NINE MONTHS pay for doing NOTHING regardless of whether he quits or the City…
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