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2011 May

Monthly Archives: May 2011

Confusion Blankets Obama

  Had George W. or Ronald Reagan made such a blunder the media would have immediately had a feeding frenzy, but not with the Anointed One.  Touring Westminster Abbey President Obama paused to sign the guest book of the Unknown Soldier: It is a great privilege to commemorate our common heritage, and common sacrifice. Barack…
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Court Victory Requires Disclosure Of Public Pension Data

  In a huge win for the public, a California Appellate Court ruled this week that all public pension data regarding the amount received by each former public employee is public information and must be given to the press.  This particular case dealt with attempts by the Sacramento Bee to obtain pension information for Sacramento…
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Beleaguered Tax Payers Foot Public Union Bills

.   The newest lawsuit brought by the “beleaguered” employees of Costa Mesa is just another in a long train of selfish lawsuits brought by public unions in a continuing effort to protect their fiefdoms.  The City Council of the City of Costa Mesa is attempting to do the unthinkable – SAVE ITS CONTITUENTS’ MONEY –…
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The Illusion Of The Brown Act

  My first glance at the news this morning was a story about alleged legal violations by the City Council of the City of Costa Mesa of California’s requirements that government be conducted out in the open.  This story highlighted an increasing battle over the intent and purpose of the California’s open meeting laws. Attempting…
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Budget Talks Strangled By Self-Interest

    Unusually, I am not trying to advocate any position in this post, but simply pointing out that few if any of us are willing to make the hard decisions that must be made about our economic future.  This is an exercise I would like all of you to try and do.  The pie…
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Double Dipping Mowery Virtually Doubles Pay

  As the finance manager for the Orange County Great Park, Kurt Mowery had a pretty sweet gig pulling in $209,761 (as a total package including benefits) as a City of Irvine employee charged with overseeing parts of that “work in progress” the Great Park.   In December of last year, Mowery “retired” from his position.  One would…
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California Bans Mother’s Day As Sexist

  Declaring celebration of Mother’s Day sexist, the California Department of Health and Human Services has proposed regulations that would criminalize the celebration.  “There is simply no way around this one,” comment Marjorie Deguaratype, director of the social relations division of DHHS.  “We have been closing our eyes and looking the other way for a long…
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OC GOP Censors Davenport

  The executive committee of the Orange County GOP voted 12-2 today to censure Marilyn Davenport, an elected member of the Central Committee, for her transmission of a doctored photo showing a baby Obama held in the arms of two chimps.  The vote to censure was the strongest action that could have been taken by…
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Keith Olbermann Is A Hypocrite

    Calling them “Cheney’s Assassination Ring,” in 2009 Keith Olbermann reported on the activities of the Joint Special Operations Command, the same folks that killed Osama Bin Laden this week.  Evidently what was deplorable and criminal in Olbermann’s eyes when directed by the Bush and Clinton White Houses has heroic when ordered by Obama…
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Politically Sick In Orange County

  I was politically correct long before that term was ever coined.  Since childhood I believed that everyone should be treated without prejudice regardless of their skin color, their place or birth or their culture – I believed that men and women should be treated equally – I believed that everyone should have the same…
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UC Regents Adopt Grade Redistribution Program

  Noting that the spread between the best and worst students reached historic highs in 2010, the Regents of the University of California have adopted a ground breaking grade redistribution program.  Under this program, those with an overabundance of credits or with GPAs above 3.5 will see up to 38% of their credits or GPA…
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