What IS My Fair Share?

If it has done nothing else, the “Occupy” movement has raised an interesting question – what IS my fair share?  With many in the 1% paying more than half of their earnings to income taxes (and then paying all of the other taxes and fees imposed elsewhere), the claims of the Occupy movement that the 1% is not paying their fair share rings a bit hollow when 47% of America pays ZERO income taxes.  In my humble opinion, the one thing that people will publicly agree on virtually universally is a call for the end to the complexity of the tax code that allows specific tax loopholes – but be careful even there because elimination of ALL loopholes (or deductions as they are actually called in the code) would have a dramatic impact on current society (mortgage and charitable deductions).

Its easy to call for people to pay their fair share, another thing to come up with a plan that is actually fair.  Here is a quick poll to see what the readers of the juice think:

Is it fair for ANYONE to have to pay more than half of their income as taxes?  Yes        No

Is it fair that 47% of America pays no income tax?  Yes    No

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