Watch Democratic Congressman Have On Air Melt-Down

Even I find Sean Hannity a little over the top sometime, but he had an interchange that led to a complete melt-down by Democratic Congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota.  Evidently used to the pandering, myopic and supportive press, Mr. Ellison virtually foamed at the mouth by a montage put together by Fox that simply contrasted two speeches given by President Obama regarding the sequester over the past two weeks.  Hannity started out as his normal aggressive self, but then smartly backed off when he quickly realized that Ellison was in full, unstoppable rant mode.  Please watch for yourself:



While I think that Ellison could have reasonably argued that the choice of music was made to cast the President’s comments in a darker perspective, it is an opinion show and it is Mr. Hannity’s right to frame things in the way that he wishes. Mr. Ellison was give the opportunity to provide his opinion but wasted it with an emotional outburst that seems typical to me of Democrats who are simply used to having things their way. By the way, even Bob Woodward agrees that Mr. Hannity is right and Mr. Ellison and the President are wrong about the genesis of the sequester. (Thinking Right)

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