Univision Takes It To Obama In Excellent Interview – Growing Disappointment With The President

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Promising the stars and delivering increased unemployment, impacted trade relations and declining world perception of American strength, President Obama has an ever-increasing crowd of disenchanted former supporters.  While much of this is masked by a fawning network media, at the grassroots level it is becoming ever more evident.

One of the things that Obama does extremely well is to give HIS answer to whatever question is asked no matter how detached and irrelevant that answer is to the actual question asked.  He doesn’t have to deal with this as much as you would think because most of the questions asked of him are softballs, but the few times that he has been asked an unexpected question (which really shouldn’t be unexpected but Obama is usually lazy and unprepared), he show his true colors with “brilliant” statements such as “You didn’t build that,” (video below) or “I actually believe in redistribution=” (quote), or “the economy is doing just fine” (quote), or “they cling to guns or religion” (quote).  If you have heard any of these major gaffes it is because of the Romney campaign and not because of coverage from network media that breezes over such mistakes or tries to ignore that they ever happened.



Two days ago President Obama found himself in a position he has not been in very often.  He had a REAL reporter asking him REAL questions and not accepting the President’s always evasive answers that are always tolerated by mainstream reporters.  If you haven’t heard the interview or even heard about the interview its because it was in Spanish and it was conducted by reporters for Univision.  I think that this is the best hard-hitting interview of the President during the entire 2012 campaign season.



Despite the best efforts of the very good univision reporters, Obama still refused to directly answer any questions.  My only question is “why aren’t more Americans disappointed with the President?”

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