Unions Bring Challenge Claiming “Slavery”

First, please look at your calendars – it is April 6 not April 1 and unfortunately this does not involve a joke though it does involve some fools.  In the face of the impending federal government shut down public union leaders have threatened to sue the federal government claiming that the government shut down constitutes slavery.  Again, this is not a joke (well it is, but you know what I mean).

Speaking at the National Press Club, John Gage, national president of the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE), said his union would consider filing a claim under the Constitution’s 13th Amendment in the event of a shutdown since some workers would have to work without pay to keep vital operations up and running.  The 13th Amendment became law in 1865, ending the practice of slavery and indentured servitude in the United States.  “We are looking at that actively,” Gage said of a lawsuit.

Evidently public unions have become so out of touch with reality that they see parallels between their working conditions and slavery.  This reminds me of the Twilight Zone where William Shatner became convinced that the boogeyman was trying to destroy his plane.

The unions have become simply delusional thinking that they have rights where they do not exist.  I hope folks see how disconnected public unions have become from reality and there is a voter backlash against their supporters in 2012.

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