Time Magazine Reaches All-Time Low With Nomination Of Sandra Fluke As “Person Of The Year”



Beginning in 1927 when it had to make up for lost ground when it failed to put Charles Lindbergh on the cover after his world-changing trans-Atlantic flight (Time), Time Magazine has chosen a “person of the year” that most influenced the news or events of the past year.  The selection has gone to both the great (Churchill, Gandhi and Martin Luther King, Jr.) and the evil (Hitler, Stalin and Khomeini).  Whether you agreed with the selection or not each person was exceptional in some way and had dramatically altered the course of events in at least the prior year.

So who is one of the nominees this year for the Time “person of the year?”  Why government paid condom seeking Sandra Fluke who attracted a crowd of 10 (that’s right TEN) during an Obama event seeking to get out the vote in Nevada.  (Examiner)  This was not an instance in which Fluke just happened to show up and a few people gathered around her, this was an event that was highly promoted by the liberal Reno Gazette-Journal .  Given Fluke’s stature, her drawing power and the seriousness of the issues she has influenced this year, Time’s nomination of Fluke should end any argument that there might be liberal media bias.

Megyn Kelly’s reaction to the nomination is priceless:




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