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Are We Living Orwell’s 1984?

  George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four was one of those books that I read at just at the right point in my life to have a real long-term impact on my philosophy.  When I read it 35 years ago. I reasonably drew parallels to events going on at that time in the communist world.  Never in my…
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The Moral Case For Free Enterprise Explained With Pie

From our good friends at “Chicks On The Right” This video made me smile. Mainly because I love the notion of a free market America. But I also like pie.   Check out this piece and the rest of their great stuff at http://chicksontheright.com/categories/the-makeover-and-or-miscellaneous/item/23170-the-moral-case-for-free-enterprise-explained-with-pie#pagejump

Tomorrow’s Obama/Romney Debates Could Determine Presidency

Tomorrow night could mean everything to this Presidential election, or it could mean nothing at all.  Polls around the country have this race in an absolute deadlock (those polls not using the faulty modeling from 2008) and so tonight could mean everything.  Jimmy Carter was leading Reagan going into the debates and was swept out…
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What Is The Proper Role of Government?

This will be the first edition of point/counterpoint where one side of the political spectrum will debate with someone from the other side.  In this first edition, Geoff Willis presents the “Point”  while Deborah Rosenthal presents the “Counterpoint.” POINT – The Constitution Protects The Power Of The People FROM the Government, It Does Not Create…
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When You Need A Helping Hand

  To understand why I chose this title you need to know a little of my background. I was born during The Great Depression and am the youngest of six boys. My father had been diagnosed with an advanced case of tuberculosis, been hospitalized for many months in various sanitariums in the Los Angeles basin,…
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UC Regents Adopt Grade Redistribution Program

  Noting that the spread between the best and worst students reached historic highs in 2010, the Regents of the University of California have adopted a ground breaking grade redistribution program.  Under this program, those with an overabundance of credits or with GPAs above 3.5 will see up to 38% of their credits or GPA…
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FDR’s New Deal Prolonged Depression

As we face increasing governmental size, spending and spending deficits that have brought the economy to a standstill over the past several years, let us not forget the merry gentleman that started the notion that the government could fix all evils – FDR.  Now that we have come full circle and the government has backed…
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