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Politically Sick In Orange County

  I was politically correct long before that term was ever coined.  Since childhood I believed that everyone should be treated without prejudice regardless of their skin color, their place or birth or their culture – I believed that men and women should be treated equally – I believed that everyone should have the same…
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Are Racism and Sexism OK in Orange County?

  As I toil away as a blogger, the tone and fervor of posts and comments has led me to ask a pretty basic question – are racism and sexism OK?  I always thought that the answer was absolutely no and that the civil rights movement and the women’s movement had made huge strides to…
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Musings on the Nobel Civil Rights Movement

Despite my conservative views, I was raised in a house with two liberal parents who were actively involved in their local public employees’ union.  The Noble Civil Rights Movement (as it was always described in my house) was a frequent subject of conversation at our dinner table.  I watched my father yell in anger at…
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