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Personal Responsibility

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Howard Stern’s Funny But Tragic Interviews With Obama Supporters

{EAV:2eb10abc181e68e9} Four years ago Howard Stern sent one of his staffers into Harlem to ask Obama supporters what they thought about his campaign promises, only thing is that they intentionally swapped Obama’s and McCain’s policies.  Sadly, all of the Obama supporters sad that they fully supported McCain’s policies and choices (pro-life, Sarah Palin) when they…
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What is the Biggest Problem Facing America Today?

Image Courtesy of The American   Ask three people this question and you will undoubtedly get at least 3 different answers. One answer might be Iran developing a nuclear bomb; another might be Islamic Terrorists; and a third might be the growing tensions in the Middle-east. I think the biggest problem facing American today is…
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What Is The Proper Role of Government?

This will be the first edition of point/counterpoint where one side of the political spectrum will debate with someone from the other side.  In this first edition, Geoff Willis presents the “Point”  while Deborah Rosenthal presents the “Counterpoint.” POINT – The Constitution Protects The Power Of The People FROM the Government, It Does Not Create…
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When You Need A Helping Hand

  To understand why I chose this title you need to know a little of my background. I was born during The Great Depression and am the youngest of six boys. My father had been diagnosed with an advanced case of tuberculosis, been hospitalized for many months in various sanitariums in the Los Angeles basin,…
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Frank Ury’s Lack of Candor With GOP Central Committee Leads to Reversal of Endorsement

Reprinted With Permission Of OCPolitical (OcPolitical) [The comments to that post include a response from Mayor Ury] By Greg Woodard I currently am the only member on the Central Committee from Mission Viejo. We have four conservatives running for two spots. Consequently, I’m recommending we vote no endorsement for any candidate, and let the Mission…
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Rampant Arrogance and Intentional Abuse Of Power By Local Government

Burgeoning public pensions, employees that often can’t be terminated even when they are in jail with felony charges pending and wages 44% higher on average than their private sector counterparts (study) are only a few of the factors that began raising eyebrows a decade ago and now have taxpayers outright challenging the too rapid growth…
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Michelle Obama Demands Truth, Tells All Lies

  Telling a tale of hardship and struggles, Michelle Obama concluded her speech at the Democratic National Convention by looking at the audience and saying “truth matters.”  It was a touching moment that would have had more power behind it if virtually all of her “story” was just that, a series of lies aimed at creating…
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11 Things You Won’t Learn In High School

In a time when nothing is your fault, you are owed everything, you should not have to work for anything and everyone is a winner – I find this dose of reality refreshing: Rule 1: Life is not fair – get used to it! Rule 2: The world won’t care about your self-esteem. The world…
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Obituary For Common Sense

This is an Obituary for Common Sense that purportedly first appeared in the London Times – though I can find no proof that it was ever actually published there. Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how…
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Tragically Premature Death of South County Athlete

  No one should ever have to bury their child. When that kid is a 21 year incredibly bright student, football and lacrosse player the lost potential tremendously magnifies that loss. I have been around awhile and accordingly have lost a number of friends and family – but the passing of this friend of my…
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