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Westboro Baptist Church Proposed Newtown Protest Tests My First Amendment Beliefs

  I was sickened to read that the Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest during the vigils and funerals of many of the 20 children slain in the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School this coming weekend.  (Protest)  No parent should have to bury children so young and it is unthinkable to me that they would have…
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At Least 27 Dead In Tragic School Shooting – Depersonalizing and Desensitizing America

Photo Courtesy of  Shannon Hicks/The Newtown Bee   The developing tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut in which two gunmen killed at least 26, mostly children, at Sandy Hook Elementary School highlights the number one problem in today’s American society.  We are becoming a country which is depersonalizing and desensitizing its population.  I would ask that all of you…
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