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When Will Obama’s Pre-Election Scandals Go “Jenga?”

  I will hand it to President Obama, he is a master of political manipulation and timing aided by a complicit media.  Juggling six major ongoing scandals during the campaign (depending on who you listen to, the Obama Administration has had over 300 scandals), Obama’s campaign proved remarkably adept at delaying, deflecting and deferring scandal until…
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What’s in Store for the Third Presidential Debate?

  The third and final presidential debate on Monday night will focus on foreign policy. What sorts of questions and issues can we expect to hear about? There are a few things that I expect will be brought up by the moderator and by each candidate. To begin with, Obama will have to defend his…
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Does the World Really Need a Nuclear Iran?

  Iran began building its nuclear program in 1957 and in 1975 began work on the Bushehr nuclear reactors. After the 1979 Islamic Revolution, the Iranian government halted work on the plants and announced that Iran did not need nuclear power. The partially finished reactors were destroyed by Iraq during the eight-year Iran-Iraq war. In…
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