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Does the World Really Need a Nuclear Iran?

  Iran began building its nuclear program in 1957 and in 1975 began work on the Bushehr nuclear reactors. After the 1979 Islamic Revolution, the Iranian government halted work on the plants and announced that Iran did not need nuclear power. The partially finished reactors were destroyed by Iraq during the eight-year Iran-Iraq war. In…
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Skipping the Democratic Convention, Hillary Clinton Heads to Asia

  Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has managed to time her trip to Asia perfectly; she’s left the continent during the Democratic Convention. She has several very good reasons for leaving right at this point although some might have been surprised at the timing. Earlier this week, Secretary Clinton attended the Pacific Island Forum on…
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A look at current U.S. policy towards Syria

Where does the United States stand with regard to the destructive and rapidly deteriorating situation in Syria? The state of affairs in Syria present one of those tricky sets of circumstances for which thoughtful people are genuinely trying to find a solution. Others, however, are busy trying to see how they can respond to such…
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