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Big Government

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Some Things Just Can’t Be Fixed

  Reeling from the pure evil and horror wrought by a single 20 year-old boy at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, America is searching for answers, meaning and ways to prevent this horror from being repeated.  As we predicted the day of the incident (Thinking Right), Obama and the anti-gun forces are attempting…
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Can Obama’s “Hunker Down And Hide” Strategy Work For Another Four Years?

  Playing out before the entire country is a pattern repeated from four years ago.  President Obama and the Democrats use an electoral win to try to steamroll through a single project within weeks of taking office and then . . . hunker down and hide.  Four years ago a Democrat dominated House and Senate…
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“Checkmark” Politics Destroying Republican Party

  Walking around in a daze like a group of non-flesh eating zombies, my Republican friends are still in mourning following the lashing we took in last month’s election.  Confused and beleaguered conservatives are reacting much like a biblical Job crying out to God “why me?”  Not only did we lose the election but our polling numbers…
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Obama Trying To Duplicate Failure Of Democratic Dominated California

  Facing up to  $335,000,000,000 in debt, California is just “living the dream” – the Democratic dream.  (California’s Debt)  California is controlled by Democrats at every level of government with a Democratic Governor, Democratic State Senate, Democratic State Legislatures and a judiciary dominated by liberals California has been the perfect laboratory for the great “Democratic”…
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Fiscal Cliff Purely Political Play For Democrats

  With all of the hype and bluster about the wealthy paying “their fair share” coming out the Democrats you would think that tax hikes were the be all and end all of future economic success.  If ALL of President Obama’s proposed tax hikes were implemented they would amount to about .5% of the total…
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Time Magazine Reaches All-Time Low With Nomination Of Sandra Fluke As “Person Of The Year”

  UNFORTUNATELY, THIS IS NOT SATIRE – THIS IS REAL Beginning in 1927 when it had to make up for lost ground when it failed to put Charles Lindbergh on the cover after his world-changing trans-Atlantic flight (Time), Time Magazine has chosen a “person of the year” that most influenced the news or events of the past…
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I Am Right About Politics And You Are Wrong

  Living in a time of clear division in which a President faces choices that will mold our country in a permanent and lasting way.  Abraham Lincoln reunited the country with force when he faced the United States greatest crisis since independence.  Today President Obama faces a country that is equally divided and equally fragile….
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Is The GOP Dead?

  An economy in shambles, a campaign in which the incumbent completely avoided discussing his own record, unemployment above levels above which an incumbent had EVER (that means ever in history) won an election, the rapid fall off of the positives of the  incumbent candidate and six huge scandals pending DURING and election – with…
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How Does A Kinder, Gentler Nation Discourage Home Ownership And Philanthropy

    Facing the self-described fiscal cliff, the amount of rhetoric pouring out of Washington unfiltered by the media conducting their own war of thoughts and ideas has completely obscured two disturbing concepts that sadly say a lot about the state of America.  Whichever plan is adopted, we are likely looking at the end of…
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Pay No Taxes, Get No Vote

  No one who does not pay federal taxes should have the right to vote – period.  We have finally reached the tipping point in America where those that have no financial stake in our government outnumber those that do.  More than 200 years ago both the Founding Fathers and philosophers predicted the day when…
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Why Is It OK To Pick On Wage Earners?

  Looming ahead of President Obama in the next 50 days is mandatory 11% across the board cuts for most federal government departments including devastating cuts to the Department of Defense.  As part of a deal cut before the election, these cuts will automatically take place unless reversed by new legislation.  The center of this…
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Will Obama Destroy The Country Or Move To The Middle?

  America stands at a cross-roads and the next four years could be a period of complete economic stagnation coupled with continually exploding national debt edging the United States to a Greece-like fate with an ever diminishing position of power in the world, or it could be a period of recovery, healing and restoration of…
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