SNL Rips Obama/MSNBC – Hilarious “Disaster In Denver”

It is really funny to watch the liberal media start to attack their own – there is a certain car wreck quality to the whole thing.  Following last week’s  ”Disaster in Denver,” the media has been wringing its hands in agony wondering what to do now.  After four years of buffering and protecting the “anointed one” the media has evidently drawn the line at refusing to let Obama embarrass the media itself.  While the Obama camp has resorted to that device of last resort by calling Romney a “liar” or “deceitful,” the media has had a little fun at the President’s expense.  Saturday Night Live did a great spoof on the first debate, giving a quick peak into the “brain of Obama.”

Even funnier is the poke SNL then took at its sister network, MSNBC:

Even funnier is this cut together of the “real” and “portrayed” Chris Matthews:


Unlike real life where you have to drive by after the crash, in this case the media is reporting on the crash four years after it happened. Well, at least they finally got around to it.

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