Rand Paul, Nancy Pelosi Announce Formation Of Joint PAC

“We quite literally ran into each other in the halls of Congress and helped each other pick up the files we were carrying – that led to lunch, and before we realized it we had discovered a significant amount of common ground,” said the libertarian Kentucky Senator Rand Paul today at a press conference called to announced the formation of the MeFirst Political Action Committee with former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.  “I never realized that all you had to do was to take an idea that could never be economically implemented without ridiculous government subsidies – take Solyndra for example, and then these companies will pay you millions of dollars for your support.  Of course it is all on the up and up because the payments come in the form of ‘campaign contributions’ – at least the ones you hear about.”




“It was really rewarding to take Senator Paul under my wing and act as a mentor for him,” said the former Speaker of the House Pelosi.  “No one had taken the time to educate him about how Washington really works.  He absorbed everything like a sponge – which is fascinating because I have done that with money most of my career,” continued Pelosi who currently has an estimated net worth of about $60M.  “I mean, look at this guy,” Pelosi said motioning to Paul, “he looks like a rock star has great ideas and has a net worth just barely over a million dollars – what a waste.”

MeFirst will reportedly focus on a number of very popular causes, already receiving significant funding from corporations involved in alternative energy development, technologies to mitigate global warming impacts and the entertainment industry.

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