NBA Sued For Racism, Lack Of Diversity


Startling allegations were released as statistical analysis showed an incredible lack of diversity in the National Basketball Association.  Current reports show that 78% of all NBA players are African American while only 17% were white, 4% Latino and 1% Asian.  (NBA)  These number are at such variance with national averages in the general population of 13% African American, 63% white, 15% Latino and 6% Asian that they show an obvious pattern and practice of racial discrimination in the NBA.  (U.S. Ethnic Diversity)  When tested for sexism the league faired even worse with 100% of the players men and 0% women at variance with national averages of 48% men and 52% women.

“When you are talking about finding an increase of 65% of a single race employed by a company for a particular job, you are no longer talking about statistical accident,” said Judith Van Ostern of Americans for Fair Employment.  ”It is painfully obvious that the NBA has systematically and intentionally hired blacks to the detriment of other races.  These numbers are the worst that we have ever seen.”

Eric Goldschmitt is heading a class action lawsuit against the NBA claiming that as a white male he was never given a fair chance to be hired as an NBA player, “they told me that they was no place for me because I was 5′ 5″, couldn’t jump and couldn’t shoot, but we all know the real reason is that they simply don’t like white guys.”  Goldschmitt’s attorney A. Chaser from Palm Beach Florida said “It is simply tragic the way that they treated Eric.  Eric is a highly qualified individual and the only possible explanation for the NBA’s refusal to hire him is that he is white.”

This might not be the worst of the NBA’s problems.  Rowan D. Gould, Deputy Director for the United States Fish & Wildlife Service says that a petition to name white NBA players as an endangered species under federal law is under serious consideration.  ”When you look at the precipitous drop in the number of white NBA players over the past decade, it is apparent that we might lose the species completely if we do not step in and act quickly.”  If listed as an endangered species, it would become a felony to “vex, annoy or harass” white players potentially giving them a distinct advantage over other players and would make it very difficult to play any defense against them without potentially committing a crime.



Rowan Gould, Deputy Director United States Fish And Wildlife Service


NBA Commissioner David Stern called the charges “patently ridiculous.”  ”We determine hiring of players strictly based upon merit.  It is an unfortunate coincidence that so much of our talent pool is currently black, but that is just the way it is right now.”  When asked why there was no Native American or Native Hawaiian representation at all, Mr. Stern brushed the allegation as “unimportant.”




According to MIT professor and master statistician Ab Acus “When you see mathematical variances between population and hiring like you see in the NBA with blacks (+65%), whites (-46%), Latinos (-11%), Asians (-3%) and no Native Americans or Native Hawaiians at all, it is going to be tough to convince a jury that black players are simply better at the job.  It is going to be much easier to conclude that there is something nefarious going on and that this is an intentional program to benefit those of one race at the expense of other races.”

The NBA has responded to the suits by ordering mandatory sensitivity training for all its General Managers and Owners.  ”While we certainly do not have a problem with racism in this league, it never hurts to make sure that your decision makers have all of the tools that they need to make the right decisions.”  When asked if black players simply prefer to play with other black players Stern bristled at the suggestion, ‘we hire solely base upon merit.”  When it was pointed out to Stern the recent spate of “free agent player packages” that involved solely black players (James, Wade & Bosh – Garnett, Pierce & Allen, etc) Stern angrily left the podium.

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