President Obama’s Ten Greatest Accomplishments


Almost seven years into the Obama Presidency, it is time to reflect on all of the things that this two term President has done for the United States.  We will count them down in reverse order of significance over the next five stories:


Animas River Poisoned By EPA

Animas River Poisoned By EPA


Under the careful watch of President Obama, the United States Environmental Protection Agency managed to create one of the largest ecological disasters in U.S. history.  While working on the clean-up of a toxic site, the EPA allowed three million gallons of toxic waste to enter the previously pristine and wild Animas River.  Humans can choose not to drink water with arsenic and lead levels 800 and 3,500 times that considered safe. But trout have no such choice and were exposed to levels of lead, arsenic, and cadmium 200, 24 and six times, respectively, more than what is considered safe. The pH levels reached about 3.5. (Pure water is about a 7.0.) The EPA cheerily claimed that was about the same as coffee— yet most pH charts actually put the water closer to the  acidity of vinegar.

Tragically no criminal charges have been filed and there has not even been a formal criminal investigation.  When the government has arrested, prosecuted and convicted backhoe supervisors for nicking a waste line, EPA officials are evidently held to a different standard.  Par for the course during the Obama Presidency.


Everyone who lives on planet Earth wants a green planet and new technology that actually is environmentally friendly.  Burning money for political gain is completely different.  Solyndra, A solar energy company took more than $500 million from President Obama’s stimulus then went bust, sticking taxpayers for the loss.  As it turned out, Solyndra lied to federal officials to secure the loan.  This deception, and the Obama Administration’s giddy attempts to pump taxpayer money into Solyndra, Flubber and other imaginary “energy efficient” technologies did nothing but leave taxpayers paying out a lot of green.  The source of the factual support for this travesty?  An Energy Department’s inspector general’s report.  The Obama administration cut corners in fully vetting the project because of “political pressure” from top Democrats and Solyndra itself, the inspector general stated in its report.

Obama’s green-technology program was infused with politics at every level.  When warned that financial disaster might lie ahead for Solyndra, the administration remained steadfast in its support of the company. As Solyndra tottered, officials discussed the political fallout from its troubles, the “optics” in Washington and the impact that the company’s failure could have on the president’s prospects for a second term. Rarely, if ever, was there discussion of the impact that Solyndra’s collapse would have on laid-off workers or on the development of clean-energy technology.

The administration, which excluded lobbyists from policymaking positions, gave easy access to venture capitalists with stakes in some of the companies backed by the administration. Many of those investors had given to Obama’s 2008 campaign, while others took jobs in the administration and helped manage the clean-energy program.

As reported by the Washington Post:

“What’s so troubling is that politics seems to be the dominant factor,” said Ryan Alexander, president of Taxpayers for Common Sense, a nonpartisan watchdog group. “They’re not talking about what the taxpayers are losing; they’re not talking about the failure of the technology, whether we bet on the wrong horse. What they are talking about is ‘How are we going to manage this politically?”  Politics over the common good of the people during the Obama Administration?  Say it ain’t so!


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