Obama’s Choreographed Libyan Lies To America – His “Truth” Destroyed


Tonight I watched probably one of the best pieces of journalism that I have ever seen.  Bret Baier put together a second-by-second, step-by-step timeline of the real events in Benghazi and when the Obama Administration knew about those facts.  Not shockingly to those following Thinking Right, the President has not just played fast and loose with the facts, he has choreographed a series of lies of such enormous proportion that it says more about his ego, his confidence that the media is in his pocket and his dim view of the intelligence of the American people.  He was right about the media part of this equation for a short time as the media focused on Governor Romney’s correct assessment instead of even acknowledging the tragic deaths of four American’s including Ambassador Christopher Stevens.  Here is that Brett Baier Report – I think that this should be mandate viewing. This is only a piece of the entire report, the piece that specifically talks about Obama’s narrative. The portions of the report on the specifics of the attack are very troubling and bear little resemblance to the reports coming from the Obama Administration. Among other things, we now know as an unequivocal fact that high ranking members of the State Department watched the attack in real time, making the “we are investigating” line a blatant lie – THEY KNEW.



I am really looking forward to Monday night’s debate.

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