Obama Gangnam Style


Featuring style and look over substance, PSY’s “Gangnam Style” will probably be the first music video to reach 1 BILLION views. Pause and think about that for a moment. A video produced in South Korea featuring Korean lyrics is going to have views equal to roughly 15% of the worlds population and a much higher percentage of the world’s population with access to computes able to broadcast the video. This is a , funny and campy piece of creativity with charm and a driving beat but really not much more.  If you haven’t seen it, here it is for your amusement:


President Obama is the political equivalent to Gangnam Style – cute, charismatic, flashy and fun to watch but when you are done watching and think about it there really isn’t much there. Part of the problem is the enormous arrogance of the man who always thinks that he is the smartest man in the room. I guess I can understand the President’s arrogance – if I won a Nobel Prize for getting hired for my job I guess that might go to my head as well. As we have seen President Obama melt under the pressure of the first tough questions he has faced during his Presidency it is clear that there is no substance behind the mask of this “great thinker.”

A Gangnam Style President can actually lead and people will always be willing to follow. The problem is that if you have a Gangnam Style President whose ideas are flawed and ineffective people find themselves led over the cliff like lemmings. I hope next week we have the wisdom to elect a man of substance and can go back to just enjoying the light comedy that is Gangnam Style in its benign music form.

To prove my point, here is a link to the Halloween light display at the White House.

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