Obama Confirms Bush Responsible For Super Bowl Power Shortage

During the midst of the partial power outage at the New Orleans Super Dome, President Obama issued a statement indicating that he had photographic evidence that Former President Bush was responsible.  ”We have an eyewitness that will testify that she saw President Bush lurking in the shadows near the power box that caused the lights to go out during the game,” said Presidential spokesperson Jay Carney.  ”Based on this witnesses keen observation, we had a sketch artist recreate the events she witnessed.”  (Composite drawing seen above)


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“President Obama is a real American who shoots guns and likes football (though his imaginary son wouldn’t be allowed to play football).”  Carney went onto say “I know that irresponsible propaganda outlets like Fox news will deny that President Bush had anything to do with this incident, but the cartoon shows irrefutable proof of his involvement.”

Thinking Right has exclusively learned that Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is the key witness that identified Bush.  When confronted she replied “The LA Times agrees with me.  I don’t care if they never wrote about that, they agree with me.”





Fox news reported a very different story.  According to Fox, Philip Allison, a spokesman for Entergy New Orleans, which provides power to the stadium, said power had been flowing into the stadium before the lights failed.  ”All of our distribution and transmission feeds going into the Superdome were operating as expected,” Allison said.  He said the outage appeared to originate in a failure of equipment maintained by stadium staff. It occurred shortly after Beyonce put on a 12-minute halftime show that featured extravagant lighting and video effects.  (Fox)

“Of course they are going to report drivel like that,” barked an angry Carney.  ”Don’t forget, that is the same news agency that reported that Benghazi was a scandal, Fast & Furious gave guns to the cartels and that the Second Amendment is still in the Constitution.  Please consider your source.”

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