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Rejecting an individual’s right to choose in almost every regard, President Obama is one of the most anti-choice Presidents in history.  While the President’s spokespeople have accused Republicans of waging a “war on women” solely because of abortion policy discussions, ironically the White House is against choice in virtually every other regard.  I don’t know about you, but the toilets in my house don’t work like they used to and really don’t save any water because I end up flushing them two or three times to get them to work.  I would love to buy a toilet that actually works but I am not allowed to buy what I really want to buy.

The President is now proposing “appliance efficiency standards” that will dictate the kind of refrigerator or dishwasher that you can buy.  There is nothing wrong with conservation and I think that when educated about the true cost of choices most people generally choose the lower long-term costs that come with more efficient products.  I have no problem with programs that help educate people on these choices.  On the other hand, I believe in the free market system and believe that I should HAVE that choice.  The Obama Administration strongly disagrees with me.




Many of the President’s policies strip away your freedom to choose what works best for you and your family.  Want to choose what to do about health care?  Choose differently that dictated by the Administration and you pay a hefty fine.  What to choose a refrigerator that a college student can afford?  Won’t be able to do it because efficiency standards will drive them out of the market.  The problem with most of these choice limiting policies is two-fold: 1) the dictated alternatives are always more expensive, and 2) they cut against fundamental concepts of capitalism and democracy.

Just like many policies of this Administration, these choice limiting directives are full of hypocrisy.  In a world in which we pay folks $60,000-$82,000 a year “just ’cause” (government benefits), it is working people at the bottom end of the pay scale that are most burdened by these choice limitations.  We have sadly come to accept that it is Ok for the government to tell us how much soda we can buy or which toilets we can flush.

Rand Paul had a fascination confrontation with Obama’s head of the Environmental Protection Agency which highlights much of this discussion.



Regulations coming out of the President’s White House have profoundly limited our choices in many fundamental ways.  As loyal readers of Thinking Right are well aware, I believe that the phrase “pro-choice” is a horribly misleading piece of propaganda that misses 2/3 of the picture, the choice of the father and the choice of the baby.  Ironic that this “pro-choice” President wants to take away our choices instead of enjoy them.

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