Nancy Pelosi Is A Liar


Pelosi Claims Six Million Seniors Will Starve and that Seniors Lose Medicare

Flanking herself with a number of senior citizens, Nancy Pelosi has traveled across America attacking Republican budget proposals generally and the Paul Ryan tax plan (the “Path to Prosperity”) specifically.  In a speech in Florida, Pelosi stated:

“When Medicare was passed it was a pillar of stability for our seniors … much of which is being undermined by Republicans,” Pelosi told dozens of seniors gathered at a retirement home in Orlando. “Why should the federal government save money on the backs of seniors at the same time that they are giving tax breaks to millionaires, giving subsidies to Big Oil, and tax cuts to companies that send jobs overseas?”

“What they are proposing does not create jobs, does not protect Medicare or Medicaid, and does not care for our seniors,” Pelosi said.

“They’re voting to end Medicare as we know it,” Pelosi said.

Pelosi argues that the Ryan Path to Prosperity is actually the Path to Poverty and claims that the Ryan proposal, and other Republican budget proposals will result in the starvation of 6,000,000 seniors:

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