MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Sympathizes With Cop Killer On Air


When I heard earlier in the day that Howard Stern’s crew had placed a prank call to the law enforcement agencies with officers in harm’s way during a gun battle with cop killer Christopher Dorner, I thought that would HAVE to be the dumbest moment of the day.  I like Howard and don’t particularly view him as political, but interfering with communications during a gun battle in which a police officer has been killed and another wounded is a pretty stupid move.

Our “friend” over at MSNBC bailed out Howard Stern by asking a couple of the dumbest on air questions EVER.  During the live coverage of the tense mountain stand-off Matthews distinguished himself by asking offensive and racist questions that made it clear that Matthew’s sympathies were with the cop killer and not the police.  Talking to Los Angeles Times journalist Andrew Blankstein, Matthews agonized about being fair to Chris Dorner, the man who has allegedly murdered three people and wounded several others: “How do you write a story like this that’s objective for the big metropolitan paper, the Los Angeles Times?”  He continued, “Are there people in your newsroom, editors who are saying, ‘We have to be careful here. It’s not simple. This man may have a complaint.’”  (Matthews)  Matthews implies that “true” reporting would mean that you have to report evenly between law enforcement’s “side” and Dorner’s “side.”



But Matthews did not end his day on this high note, no way.  He went on to ask the Mayor of Big Bear Lake “Are there any African-Americans that live there or is it largely a white community, largely?”  Really, that is your question?  A man has now killed four people including two law enforcement officers, has terrified an entire community for two weeks, has kidnapped three innocent people during his spree and the thing that Chris Matthews wants to know is whether there is diversity in the town where Dorner is cornered?  I don’t even know how to reply to that one.

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