Michelle Obama Strands Chicago School Kids Hungry For Hours


Marie Antoinette brought on the French Revolution by telling the starving masses “let them eat cake.”  Michelle Obama left 6,500 public school children stranded hungry and thirsty for hours waiting to be the latest pieces of window dressing for the FIRST LADY (I put that in all caps because she really thinks she deserves all caps).  “It was like they were the backdrop for a Nike commercial,” Leah Putnam, a  fifth-grade teacher at Jordan Community School, said in an interview Monday.  Putnam was so upset about the experience Thursday she wrote a lengthy blog post about it. (DNA)

If you are a parent, imagine that you take your child on a trip and they are very excited.  Now imagine they have to wait on a bus and stand in straight lines for three hours straight.  Then imagine after one hour of “fun” that they have to sit around and wait for three more hours that bus to pick them up.  Oh, did I mention that are not allowed to have a morsel of food the entire time?  Now, multiply that by 25 to 35.  Sounds fun right?!  That’s a little bit what the day was like for CPS students, parents and teachers at the Let’s Move! Campaign. (Putnam)




When last we left her, the FIRST LADY was presenting the best picture award at the Academy Awards Ceremony (quietly chanting “don’t let Zero Dark Thirty win, don’t let Zero Dark Thirty win”) using dress-uniformed troops as her backdrop.  (Oscars)  Yesterday she solicited 6,000+ kids to provide her backdrop, requiring them to go without food and limited water from the time they left the busses to the time that they reboarded some 7 hours later.

The FIRST LADY will not be the first celebrity to put her needs and interests before the needs and interests of her fans, but this was supposed to be an even encouraging kids to develop healthy habits.  Evidently standing in the cold without food for seven hours is the model the FIRST LADY is trying to create.  I guess it makes sense given that her husband’s policies are going to leave most Americans standing in the cold without food for a long time to come.

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