Hypocrisy Of Gun Publishing Journalists Documented On Film


Hypocrisy was on public display as Project Veritas filmed an imaginary protest group calling themselves “Citizens Against Senseless Violence” asked each of the journalists involved in the controversial publication by the Journal news (a division of Gannett Publishing) of an interactive map showing the address of every LEGALLY owned gun in several counties surrounding New York City.  (Journal News Interactive Map)  Almost immediately both sides of the gun debate jumped on this move as horribly irresponsible by making both gun owners’ homes targets of those looking for guns as well as making it clear who does NOT own guns and is therefore vulnerable.  (Washington Post)  During the making of this video the imaginary group of protestors went to the homes of each journalist involved in the publication of the story and asked them to put a sign in their yard declaring their property to be a “gun free” zone.  Not only did no one take them up on their offer, several times they were met by gun-carrying guards protecting the property that prevented any access to the home.  The video is very interesting:


Courtesy Project Veritas

Eric Wemple of the Washington Post wrote:

One week ago, New York State Sen. Greg Ball appeared on Megyn Kelly’s “America Live” program on Fox News to discuss the controversy over the Journal News’s decision to publish the names and addresses of gun permit holders in New York’s Rockland and Westchester counties. A strong opponent of the public release of such information, Ball insisted that “enough is enough.” A representative of the lower Hudson Valley communities catered to by the Journal News, Ball alleged that the Journal News was essentially promoting crime:

We’re talking about thousands of people who live very private lives. Victims of domestic violence, former New York City police officers who have put the worst of the worst behind bars, who are trying to protect and raise their families. Who have now been exposed in a very public way. … We have gotten reports from other states in similar instances where it has led to criminal actions. 


I was roundly attacked when I correctly predicted a no holds barred attack on the Second Amendment following the tragedy at Sandy Hook.  Tactics like those use by the Journal News simply galvanize the supporters of the Second Amendment who correctly see through the subterfuge of those wanting to completely eliminate the Second Amendment and are not really looking at all for the kinds of controls that they are ostensibly seeking to control such as high volume magazines and military weapons.  The kind of hypocrisy displayed here works to end meaningful debate as both side hunker down reasonably fearing the worst from the other.










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