Hugh Hefner Will Bring New NFL Franchise To LA

“It is with a great deal of excitement and frankly with a little bit of relief that I can announce that Hugh Hefner will be bringing football back to the City of Los Angeles,” National Football League Commissioner Roger Goodell announced in a press conference just a few minutes ago.  “The Jacksonville Jaguars will relocate to Los Angeles before the start of the 2014-2015 NFL season and will be renamed the Los Angeles Bunnies.”




“I never would have thought of this,” said an obviously excited Hefner, “but then I saw what Disney was able to do with the Anaheim Mighty Ducks and I thought that I could bring that kind of cross-marketing from the adult movie magazine and movie world to a larger audience.  Just think, we will have no problem selecting cheerleaders.”

Answering questions about the branding of the team, Goodell commented “look, its taken us years to find the right person to bring the NFL back to LA and we think that the Playboy tie-in is just absolutely perfect for this market.  We are already pursuing ways to take advantage of this new market opportunity.”


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