Great Video Debunking GOP “War On Women”


A really good friend of mine posted a link yesterday detailing the GOP “war on women.”  I read it really carefully several times and still felt like I was Tom Hanks in Big – I didn’t get it.  When I responded to the post that I “didn’t get it” I felt like I got this response:


I did a little looking into the subject and the best I came up with is that Amy Poehler and some other women feel like they have an “absolute right” to have the government pay for all of their reproductive health care services.  Ignoring the long stretch between not having the government guarantee payment for all reproductive health care services and a “right” under the constitution, I still didn’t see the connection between even this paper thin argument and an intentional “war on women.”  My honest opinion was that those alleging the “war on women” were of the censoring “politically correct” set that believes that if you don’t share their beliefs you are wrong and intolerant.  As I continued my search, I ran across this video which I really found to be well done and frankly rings true.  I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did.


 I would like to hear from you – what exactly IS the alleged GOP “war on women?”

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