Fly In Air Force One For As Little As $1,000


Announcing the launch of the new federally funded ObamaAir program, Presidential spokesman Jay Carney laid out a program that will allow Obama supporters to fly in Air Force One for as little as $1,000.  ”Most people do not realize that there are actually four different planes that make up the Air Force One fleet,” Carney announced today.  ”We have designed a program that will allow ordinary Obama supporters to fly with the President for $10,000 and on flights when the President is not on the plane for as little as $1,000.”

ObamaAir’s routes were largely to America’s golf courses while the unoccupied flights will go from Washington D.C. To New York.  To make room for the Obama supporters, the Obama Administration will require the press to fly separately from the President.  ”With the 2014 mid-term elections coming up the President needs to do whatever he can to connect with his supporters.  Let’s face it, the press will be supportive of the President regardless of how he treats them and we never let Fox fly Air Force One anyway.”


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“ObamaAir is about choice.  Because ObamaAir is not a private company, it does not have to worry about pesky profits like the competition.  Each flight of Air Force One costs $213,700,000 the program will have to be supported by federal tax payers,” outlined Carney.  ”We have carefully studied the numbers and it is clear that despite running a multi-billion dollar shortfall each year, this will actually reduce the deficit,” Carney added.  ”The numbers produced by Delta and Lufthansa are simply wrong and should not be trusted.  These are private companies that are into nothing but profits and corporate greed.”

“We have even added an option where for a $1,000,000 donation we will actually let you fly the plane.  Of course the plane will be on autopilot so you won’t really be flying the plane.  Its kind of like voting, you get the perception of having some power without really having any power,”  Carney said.  “This Administration is very comfortable giving the people the perception of power, but we are not really crazy about giving away any real power.”

ObamaAir will debut later this month with its inaugural flight from DC to the Augusta Golf Club where the President will play golf with George Soros who bought the first ticket for the new enterprise.

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