First Hard Questions For Obama In Four Years Yields Horrible Debate Performance

Photo Courtesy of the Comical Conservative

As President Obama returns to his strength today, answering softball questions with the help of a teleprompter, it is very clear that there are  some things that he cannot do well – think on his feet, answer tough questions and actually respond to the question asked.  Those weaknesses were exposed in last night’s debate as the President produced one of the poorest debate performances in history.


Photo Courtesy of the National Republican Senatorial Committee

What last night showed me more than anything that we will ever learn about Obama or Romney is that the press has largely abdicated their responsibilities for the past four years.  Let us never forget that Obama is the first black President, a truly historic event.  However, the press was so caught up in that unexpected possibility that they barely noticed that they developed a huge crush on the man that was fostered by his eloquence (when reading from a prepared statement) and his charisma (which is undeniable).  When you have a crush on someone you ask questions like “Mr. President, do you think that the speech that you just delivered will go down as one of the greatest speeches in history?” (A real question asked by NBC’s Brian Williams following a 2009 Presidential speech in Berlin.)  If you are acting as a reporter you would ask “Mr. President, during the last campaign you promised to cut the deficit in half and instead you have doubled it – can you please explain that without saying the whole thing is Bush’s fault?”  THAT would be a completely fair and reasonable question.  Instead it’s softball after softball leaving the President completely unprepared for real questions.


The press is supposed to be the last vanguard of the truth and it has failed miserably at that job.  Every American now knows that they have to read between the lines on every story to find out the “real” story.  During the heyday of communist Russia the two leading Russian “news” organizations were Pravda and Izvestia.  There was a common Russian saying that those two organizations were neither Pravda (the truth) or Izvestia (the news).  Unfortunately it feels to me like the American Presidential press has adopted an Orwellian form of doublespeak instead of doing their job and actually reporting the truth and the facts.

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