FBI Election Panic – Voting Machines Vote Only Obama – Traced To Romney Son


In a story much like s Shakespearian tragedy, FBI officials are closing in on a gang of election riggers that may well have thrown the election President Obama’s way.  More than 206 electoral votes my change from the Obama column to the Romney column by the time that this investigation is done.  ”This was an incredibly sophisticated operation that caught us completely flat-footed,” explained an obviously exhausted FBI Election Field operative John Ryan.  ”We were aware of a number of possible vulnerable places, we just were taken by surprise when it cam completely within the family.”

More that a month ago, Tagg Romney purchased a controlling interest in Hart Intervcivic, one of the nation’s largest manufacture of voting booth technology.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/10/23/pro-romney-firm-voting-machines_n_2006697.html  Liberal commentators wrote extensively on the purchase implying that the booths  could be used to rig the election for Romney.  As it turns out, they were half right.



“There is evidently a long history of bad blood between Tagg and Mitt and they did an incredible job of keeping that below the radar.”  Ryan explained to a very confused press.  ”Enough of these machines were programmed to voter Obama no matter what buttoned was pushed and the more sophisticated newer machines would actually display a Romney voter to the voter while actually recording an Obama vote for the count.”

Among the co-conspirators caught up in the multi-state raid were Glen Beck, Sean Hannity and Dick Morris.  Hannity was the most vocal “Don’t claim to be a conservative and then turn into a moderate.  Romney is a travesty.”

The FBI would not confirm or deny that its investigation was over and would specifically not deny an investigation into the Breitbart organization.

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