Congresswoman Maxine Waters Says The Sequester Will Cause Loss Of EVERY American Job – Video

Speaking from about the “horrible actions caused by our ‘friends’ on the other side of the aisle,” Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters angrily stated that the sequester would create a huge economic setback to our country and was “too much too fast” and would  cost America “170,000,000 jobs.”  Just to assure you that I am not misquoting the Congresswoman, here is the video:



While typical of the scare tactics used by the left unchecked by a biased mainstream media, this scare tactic is not only a lie it is so over the top that it shows that the Congresswoman just makes things up.  It is literally impossible for the sequester to cause the loss of 170 million jobs because there are only approximately 130 million employed people currently in the United States.  I guess the Congresswoman believes that not only will everyone in America be fired, but then the next forty million that might have been rehired would then immediately be fired.  When is my last day?



Before you panic and worry that you will be fired tomorrow because every job will end when the sequestration ends I will let you in on a little secret, Congresswoman Waters made it up.  Not the first time or the last time that this kind of ridiculous lie will be used to scare the American people, but rarely will these lies be so demonstrably false.  When ridiculous statements like this are made, it shows what is really going on.  Obviously Ms. Waters wanted to scare the public about the impact of the sequestration so she just made up an impressive number that would scare those that don’t think.  Unfortunately for Ms. Waters she just pulled the wrong number out of the air.  Do you think that this misstep will be anywhere in the press?

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