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FDR’s New Deal Prolonged Depression

As we face increasing governmental size, spending and spending deficits that have brought the economy to a standstill over the past several years, let us not forget the merry gentleman that started the notion that the government could fix all evils – FDR.  Now that we have come full circle and the government has backed…
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Dale Tyler Croonies Still Clowning

Sometimes watching local politics is a little like watching one of those robot vacuum cleaners keep smashing headlong into the wall in front of it.  No matter how many times it smacks into that wall it will try again evidently hoping for a different result.  Mission Viejo has its own mighty little band of mindless…
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Mission Viejo’s Clown Dale Tyler

Some people say nothing but stupid things and you worry that blogging about them simply gives the undeserving too much attention.  A group of Mission Viejo anti-everythings led by Dale Tyler and Joe Holtzman fall into that category.  I think that my posts here have consistently demonstrated that I am for a smaller government that…
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