Beleaguered Tax Payers Foot Public Union Bills



The newest lawsuit brought by the “beleaguered” employees of Costa Mesa is just another in a long train of selfish lawsuits brought by public unions in a continuing effort to protect their fiefdoms.  The City Council of the City of Costa Mesa is attempting to do the unthinkable – SAVE ITS CONTITUENTS’ MONEY – by reducing public payroll, benefit and pension obligations by outsourcing about 200 public jobs.  Because the collective bargaining agreement required the City to give employees six months notice before eliminating public jobs, the City issued pink slips to about 200 employees to give the City the flexibility to outsource during 2011.  In the event that the City Council determines that outsourcing the jobs is not its best option, the pink slips can be withdrawn at any time.  Evidently viewing their jobs as permanent entitlements the public employees first howled at the moon and then sought an injunction to stop the City from having the ability to decide to save the taxpayers money.  The suit is simply an effort by the public unions to protect its fiefdom all funded by tax payer dollars.  This action in Costa Mesa followed closely on the heals of the OC Sheriff employees “successful” defense of its unconscionable pension plan that allows double dipping and all sorts of other fun.  Unfortunately, it is the tax payer left holding the bag every time.

I am not sure who has the most courage – local agencies willing to stand up and say “no” to demands that exceed value and fairness to the taxpayer, or the legislature enacting laws that require fiscal responsibility in public employee contracts.  Unfortunately I do not have a whole lot of faith in either.  I am afraid that it is going to take a genuine taxpayer revolt to undo the damage wrought by the public union bosses out for their own greed.  I just hope it happens while California is still clinging to some small amount of solvency.

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