About Thinking Right


“There are three things I have learned never to discuss with people: religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.”  Charles Schulz

While Charles Schulz was wise in many ways, I think that it is both unwise and unnatural to avoid discussion of two topics that form the core of our being: religion and politics – I will defer to Mr. Schulz on the issue of the Great Pumpkin.  After spending a little over a year duking it out as one of the few conservatives on a largely liberal blog, I grew tired of the personal attacks and lack of civil discourse.  What I found even more disturbing was the lack of understanding of the other contributors to that blog when I raised that point.  As I looked around the blogosphere I found a real absence of  thoughtful, balanced reporting and civil discourse.  There are some sites out there, but you have to look really hard to find them.  The idea of Thinking Right came to me soon thereafter.

Thinking Right is an obvious play on words combining the conservative concepts of the right wing with the truth and accuracy of being right – probably implying that to think correctly (to be right) you must think conservatively (from the right).  If Thinking Right works like I hope it will, it will have news and commentary from the conservative viewpoint as well commentary and comments from my liberal friends living in the big cities.   We will also have “Point/Counterpoint” (made infamous by Dan Akroyd on SNL) where we will present a conservative and a liberal viewpoint on a single issue.  Hopefully there will be plenty of wit, humor and quirkiness to keep it interesting.

Central to Thinking Right will be the comments from our loyal readers – comments that I hope will be as interesting and diverse as the stories and commentary themselves.  In keeping with my primary purpose in creating this blog, it is my hope that the comments will attack, poke and prod at the thoughts presented rather than attacking the people presenting them.  I like it when I am challenged with a thoughtful and researched assertion attacking the facts or opinions presented.  Processing these contrary ideas helps sharpen our thoughts and produce better results, personal attacks do nothing to improve the debate and discourse.

There are a few core concepts central to the mission of Thinking Right: racism, sexism, gender bias and religious intolerance in any form is unhealthy and undesireable – our civil rights are part of our core rights as Americans.  Beware, this means the opposite of the Politically Correct who will tell you that racism, sexism, gender bias and religious intolerance are OK if practiced against what they view as the “privileged class.”  In addition, the proper role of government in our daily lives will also be a central theme of Thinking Right.  I personally believe that government should be as small as possible with the primary purpose of protecting our national security and domestic health and safety.  Other contributors to this blog will contend that government should have a much larger role in our lives.  I have lined up a diverse set of articulate contributors from a wide range of perspectives on the political spectrum.

I hope that you will enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy producing it!


Geoffrey Willis

Founder & Publisher