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2012 October

Monthly Archives: October 2012

Tonight’s Debate Will Be Interesting, But Won’t Matter

  Following the dramatic impact on polls across the country following the first Presidential debate, there is heightened interest in “Round 2″ tonight at Hoffstra University.  Seasoned campaign observers have acknowledged that while debates rarely have a real impact on an election, this year is the exception to that rule.  Governor Romney has surged in the polls everywhere but most…
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Tragic Damage To Space Shuttle Left Unguarded For Mere Minutes

  LOS ANGELES – NASA and LAPD officials were stunned late this afternoon when the Space Shuttle was tagged after being left unsupervised for only about 6 minutes.  ”We are supposed to have at least two guards on duty 24/7 but evidently they both went to the bathroom at the same time,” said an incredibly…
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Hilarious Saturday Night Live Spoof Of VP Debate

  This political season has been a target rich environment for the folks over at Saturday Night Live.  This is really funny, my only complaint is that I actually thought Biden was unintentionally more comedic at the real thing.    

Is the White House Engaging in a Cover Up of the Reasons or Groups Behind the Benghazi Attack?

As reports and comments from the State Department emerge, and Congressional testimony from security officials becomes public, it is starting to appear as though the Administration was engaged in a cover up of actions leading up to the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya as well as the embassy in Cairo. A background…
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Lies, Damned Lies & Government Statistics (Part 2) Polling

  Capturing headlines on a daily basis, a flood of polls and polling data paints a conflicting and very confusing picture of the 2012 Presidential election.  Adding to the confusion, it seems like every poll is different and every news agency conveniently broadcasts polls that supports its most recent claims.  Why are each of these…
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Great Video Debunking GOP “War On Women”

  A really good friend of mine posted a link yesterday detailing the GOP “war on women.”  I read it really carefully several times and still felt like I was Tom Hanks in Big – I didn’t get it.  When I responded to the post that I “didn’t get it” I felt like I got…
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The Presidential Candidates, Social Issues, and the Constitution (Part 1)

Several days ago I saw a post on my face book where someone said they might vote for a Republican candidate except for the fact that Republicans did not support social issues such as GLBT. Others have posted in a similar fashion and cited Republican support for overturning Roe v. Wade, etc.  I have also…
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Horrific Shooting Of 14 Year Old Female Literacy Advocate By The Taliban

  Using commando style tactics, members of the Taliban burst into a transport vehicle yesterday and sprayed bullets at the person they considered “Public Enemy Number One” two of the bullets hitting the intended targets throat and head.  Unbelievably the victim survived the brutal attack and was successfully airlifted to a nearby military hospital under…
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I’m A Pollster’s Nighmare

  Unfortunately for them, I am more than willing to talk to telemarketers and pollsters when they call my increasingly unnecessary and antiquated home phone line.  Last night I had an incredibly funny interchange with a pollster that was entirely unpremeditated.  About 9:00 p.m.  the home phone rang and after my “hello” the woman scrambled through…
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SNL Rips Obama/MSNBC – Hilarious “Disaster In Denver”

It is really funny to watch the liberal media start to attack their own – there is a certain car wreck quality to the whole thing.  Following last week’s  ”Disaster in Denver,” the media has been wringing its hands in agony wondering what to do now.  After four years of buffering and protecting the “anointed…
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The Moral Case For Free Enterprise Explained With Pie

From our good friends at “Chicks On The Right” This video made me smile. Mainly because I love the notion of a free market America. But I also like pie.   Check out this piece and the rest of their great stuff at http://chicksontheright.com/categories/the-makeover-and-or-miscellaneous/item/23170-the-moral-case-for-free-enterprise-explained-with-pie#pagejump

Is The Syrian Civil War Expanding Into A Regional War?

  Syria’s civil war is beginning to draw in other states in the region, beyond the outpouring of refugees into neighboring countries. In June, Syria shot down a Turkish air force plane, killing two pilots and then fired on a search-and-rescue plane. Even with that Turkey limited its response. But now tension between the two…
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