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2012 October

Monthly Archives: October 2012

No On Prop 30, A Complete Abdication Of Government Responsibility

  Proposition 30 is on the California ballot as the result of the Democrat controlled legislature’s failure to do its job and a Democratic Governor giving that legislature a free pass.  Reduced to its essence, Prop 30 will burden California taxpayers with an additional $6,600,000,000 in new taxes.  California is in a financial crisis of epic…
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Ready To Rumble With Round 3

I am really interested in seeing how Obama dances around tough questions tonight.

Are We Living Orwell’s 1984?

  George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four was one of those books that I read at just at the right point in my life to have a real long-term impact on my philosophy.  When I read it 35 years ago. I reasonably drew parallels to events going on at that time in the communist world.  Never in my…
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What’s in Store for the Third Presidential Debate?

  The third and final presidential debate on Monday night will focus on foreign policy. What sorts of questions and issues can we expect to hear about? There are a few things that I expect will be brought up by the moderator and by each candidate. To begin with, Obama will have to defend his…
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We Are Creating A Completely Helpless Society

  I haven’t had a really good rant in a long time and I figure that a quiet Saturday evening is as good as time as any to brush the dust off of my rambling anger.  This one started with the most innocent of things, the appraisal of my house for a refinance.  We were…
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Obama’s Choreographed Libyan Lies To America – His “Truth” Destroyed

  Tonight I watched probably one of the best pieces of journalism that I have ever seen.  Bret Baier put together a second-by-second, step-by-step timeline of the real events in Benghazi and when the Obama Administration knew about those facts.  Not shockingly to those following Thinking Right, the President has not just played fast and…
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Libyan Lies Detailed In Great Video Timeline

  I have written this at length, but this video communicates the same information in an even more entertaining way.  This is Carl Rove’s work:   The next debate which is going to be solely about foreign policy is going to be very interesting.

Conservative Voter Guide (Part 3) – Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association – California Initiatives

Here is the third in our series of voter guides, this time put together for by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.  Once again, these recommendations do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Thinking Right Blog.   Prop. 30: Income and sales tax increase 7.05.2012 | INITIATIVES Raises California’s base sales tax from 7.25% to 7.5% for…
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Voters’ Guides Part 2 – Tea Party Candidates List

  Here is the second of the voter’s guides we will provide you here at Thinking Right.  Again, these are not endorsements from Thinking Right, we are simply trying to give you as many sources of information as we can.  More to follow.    The Tea Party Candidates List 2012     The ultimate goal of the tea…
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The Presidential Candidates, Social Issues, and the Constitution (Part 2)

  Several years ago if you asked the average U.S. citizen what form of government we had, they would have most likely have answered; “A democracy.”  In very recent years it has been said enough times in the media that the U.S. was founded as a federation that I now believe most citizens accept that fact. However,…
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Conservative Voter Guides (Part 1) – The Election Forum Voter’s Guide

  Thinking Right Blog is running the first in a series of conservative voter guides to assist you in making intelligent decisions in November.  Thinking Right does not necessarily endorse any of these voter’s guides, we are providing these to give you a wide selection of viewpoints from which to make your decisions.  These will be…
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Debate Win Doesn’t Matter, Obama Will Pay Price For Lies on Libya

  Democratic pundits are giddy tonight about the reappearance of a feisty and quick (I would argue rude and petulent) Obama at the second debate held tonight at Hoffstra University.   I wouldn’t even argue with anyone that would call the evening a slight Obama win.  However, Obama’s answers may have won the hour but…
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