Monthly Archives: August 2011

Husband Blames Debt On Wife’s Thriftiness

Suffering a huge blow to their finances, Gabriel and Michelle Johnson learned today that the banks had cut their credit rating instantly increasing the interest rate on all of the Johnson’s debt.   According to the banks, the Johnson’s had been spending beyond their means for years and it finally caught up with them.  “It is…
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Obama’s Abuse of Poverty

Coining phrases and controlling the use of language has been a cornerstone of liberal success for the past few decades.  Nowhere is that brilliant turn of inaccurate phrase more evident than in the “battle to end poverty.”  Each year for decades, the United States Census Bureau has reported that between 30 to 47 million Americans…
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Tea Party Heroes NOT Terrorists in Credit Downgrade

Challenging even the most rudimentary forms of logic, I have watched jaw agape as Democrats (and to a more limited but even more embarrassing level, Republicans) try to shift blame for the recent U.S. credit downgrade from AAA to AA+ by the Standard and Poors credit agency onto congressional Tea Party members.  In some of…
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